Making Soap with Maddy

We tried out a kit for making soap - ArtMinds Soap Making 101 Kit - it was a lot of fun! Besides stuff you usually have around the house, the kit had everything you need to make soap. And it's a pretty cheap way to try it to see if you like it!

I think I'm going to make some soap to sell at the craft fairs or online. We have a family friend that has a shop - I think I'll ask her if I can put some there for sale too!

So here's what you get in the kit and what you'll need to find around the house. The only thing some people might not have is a small spray bottle for the alcohol. If you don't use the alcohol though the layers of soap won't stick together.

We made some rolled soap that made our own mold for out of aluminum foil, so if you want to try that one you'll need some foil. The directions for making what we called "Jelly Roll Soap" aren't in the kit, but we'll tell you how we did it! Have fun trying new things!

Cutting soap base

I know it looks like I'm about to cut off my fingers along with the soap base, but I really do have them tucked under! You have to push hard to cut it. Make sure to have an adult around - just in case!

The kit comes with clear soap base and white soap base, both of which you can make whatever color you like!

This was the clear soap base in a microwaveable glass measuring cup. After we melted it in the microwave we put in a few drops of coloring at a time. The kit comes with the basic red, blue and yellow, so you can have fun mixing colors!

Here's some of the white soap base after we colored it a light green and poured it into one of the molds from the kit. We let it set up just til it had a sort of skin on top and then poured on another layer that we made with a clear colored soap base.

You'll see in the picture of the finished soaps that the first layered one we made we got impatient and poured the second layer on too soon and the layers melted into each other. It was sort of cool, but not what we wanted. We should have let each layer set up longer.

For the Jelly Roll Soap, we used aluminum foil to make our own mold by crimping up the sides make a shallow container - about 1/2 inch deep. It was about 4"x6".

It was important with the Jelly Roll Soap to NOT let the layers set up too much or we wouldn't be able to roll them up. It was tough to tell when it was set enough to not gush out all over when we rolled it up, but not so set that it wouldn't roll at all.

It's also important to spray each layer with alcohol before pouring on the next layer or they won't stick together. Spray the last layer with alcohol too, so that it will stick together when you roll it up. We found this out the hard way with the first batch we made!

After rolling the soap up and letting it set til it was solid, we sliced it into bars about 3/4"-1" thick. It turned out pretty cool!

You can order the ArtMinds Soap Making 101 Kit online or find it at a craft store. They seem to have more variety online.

** Note: I've not been able to find the ArtMinds kit lately, but have put a link to a very similar kit from Life of the Party that you can pick up from Amazon. We get a bit of a commission if you buy through our link, so please check it out!

We thought about buying everything by itself, and that would have been cheaper per bar, but more to start with and I didn't know if I'd like making it. This was a great first try. Now that I know more about it, I'll know more what I need to buy to make some soap to sell. I'm going to try out some other kinds too.